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Natural Live Edge Furniture

Bringing The Outdoors into Your Home

Born into an artistic family, John grew up in Mobile, AL. "My mother gave me an appreciation for color and composition while my father showed me a respect for wood." After spending the last 20+ years in Fairhope, AL, he and his family currently live on Fish River where they enjoy the water, woods, and room to work on Natural Edge Creations.    

"We rescue beautiful trees in the area that would otherwise mulch, rot, or burn. The process is to mill, dry, plane, sand, and finish the natural live edge slabs.  Next, we bend or weld steel legs, adding to the uniqueness of the piece while not distracting from the wood's natural beauty." Many of the pieces tend to have a rustic mid-century modern look.


The process builds in excitement as the treasure inside (grain, color burl, etc.) is revealed.  Some of the trees have been submerged in the river and show signs of "critters" eating the outside, giving even more character.  Others have been around for generations and hold the surprise of great grain and stress marks.


"Our goal is to create conversation pieces from amazing trees−giving them a second chance in life. We make tables, benches, mantles, wall art, and pieces that make wonderful bar or countertops. We encourage everyone to study the grain and movement in the wood and really enjoy God's creation!"



long cutting board


Do you provide International delivery?

​Yes, though we will have to quote on an individual basis.

What are your delivery options?

USPS, UPS and FedEx are used for cutting boards and spa boards.  For the larger items we need to look at freight carriers so give us a call for a quote.


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