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(Bay & Great Southern)


Magnolia (Bay and Great Southern) Magnolia is a large genus of about 210 flowering plant species. Magnolia is an ancient genus. Appearing before bees did, the flowers are theorized to have evolved to encourage pollination by beetles. When growing in thick woods, they reach straight and high. When they grow in open spaces, their reach is wide. The wood of the magnolia tree is a creamy white or gray color and can produce some beautiful pieces of veneer and interior trim. It's also used as a general utility wood for other woodworking projects like baskets, crates and even as plywood. 


The magnolia plant has an ancient history as a therapeutic compound in traditional Chinese, Japanese, and Korean medicine, used to promote sleep and relaxation, to ease anxiety, and to treat allergies and asthma, among other conditions. Both the bark of the magnolia tree and its flowers are used therapeutically.

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